22-year-old with two Bachelors who doesn't know what the heck she is doing. Currently located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Formerly located in Italy. Die-hard iPhone/Canon enthusiast. I have an obsession with taking random photos of my doggies and stalking Pinterest boards. I will be posting my musings, photography, and some old-school travel pieces.


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Currently reading: War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy
Currently listening to: "DNA" by Kendrick Lamar
Currently watching: American Gods
Currently eating: Buttered croissant

Currently drinking: H2O
Currently addicted to: My stone collection
Currently loving: My adopted puppy

Currently hating: Being unemployed
Currently crying over: Consistent reminders that I am unemployed
Currently waiting for: A new apartment
Current Quote: "All that matters now is where we go from here."
Current trend: Padwan braids